After hubs (1) and (2) and holding ring (4) are installed on shafts, the teeth are them aligned parallel to each other, but not touching (fig 1).

Once installed, the hubs never need to be moved again.

The elastic insert (3) can then be installed in the slots formed by the parallel teeth.

When the insert is in position, slide holding ring (4) onto the polyurethane insert starting, centrifugal force will expand the elastic insert to fix it tightly to the inside of the steel ring ( fig 2 ).

As an extra safety it is possible to lock the ring with two locking screws (fig 3).

To disassemble, remove the ring. The insert can then be quickly and easely removed and replaced.

No special tools, screws, bolts ore other fasteners needed.

Corresponding to Directive 94/9/EC dated 23rd March 1994

Samiflex elastic coupling complies with the Health and Safety Requirements according to enclosure II of the Directive (ATEX) referring to the design and construction of equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.


In accordance with article 8(1) of Directive 94/9/EC, the technical documentation has been deposited with Notified Body No. 0163, J.M. Madariaga Institute (Madrid)

We likewise declare that the machined parts cited herein cannot operate independently, unless they are joined to a machine or form part of the assembly. These machined parts must not be put into service until the machine they have been joined to has been declared in conformity with the Directive.