Elastic insert

Change of Samiflex coupling insert…. is faster than others.

*Yellow = standard in Type A  (95 shore A)

*Blue = standard in Spacer couplings Type CS  (80 shore A)

*Brown = Optional, HD, +30%  (97 shore A)

More technical details of Samiflex elastic inserts

  • Custom compounded polyurethane inserts provide elasticity and resistance to high torque, shear and shock loads.
  • Elastic insert is highly resistant to humidity, oils, corrosion and chemicals retains performance characteristics at temperatures from -40 to 80 degrees C° (140 degrees C° Ref. HT).
  • No lubrication or service is required.
  • SAMIFLEX couplings had run 70,000 hours and more with no signs of wear.
  • SAMIFLEX couplings may be installed horizontally or vertically, can rotate in either direction.
  • No bolts or sharp edges provide safer operation.
  • Operation is completely silent at all speeds and loads.
  • Initial cost is low, and maintenance and downtime are minimal.